2020 has already been such an unusual year. One of the most important lessons to learn before it’s too late is that 2020 is the year of the eCommerce boom. A lot of businesses are being forced to go online due to the pandemic. As the virus progresses, the way business has traditionally operated is changing.

The eCommerce boom means that it is imperative right now that your business is standing out above your competitors. Making sure your website is up to date, and attractive is vital. With that in mind, let’s talk through some of the web design trends that will make your business stand out in 2020.

Soft shadows, floating elements, and layers

Floating elements with soft shadows create a 3D effect by adding more layers you are creating more interest on the page. 3D has been a massive trend for some time now. This trend is for those who aren’t in love with the look of a 3D website but still want to create depth.

Add interest to a simple 2D layout by adding a soft drop shadow and layering some element on the page. This design will allow your website to feel soft and lightweight like each element is floating gently over each other.

Minimalism and white space

Arguably the most timeless design is a minimal website with plenty of white space. This trend has been around for a while and with good reason too. Minimalist designs tend to align with the fundamentals of web design. More specifically, minimalist designs allow the purpose of a page to shine through instead of being hidden behind an abundance of images, copy, and menus.

Dark mode

Dark mode designs are not only ultra-modern, but they are also quite easy on the eyes and make design elements pop by creating a higher contrast ratio. Most smartphones offer a dark mode option because it is better for OLED screens. It saves battery life and extends the life of the screen.

Futuristic glowing neon, dark cyberpunk, and dystopian styles are all on-trend right now, which is excellent news for designing a webpage for dark mode. This is because these styles typically include moody and dark color schemes that complement dark mode well.

Vintage-inspired color palette

Not to be mistaken with a retro or throwback look, vintage-inspired color palettes aim to create small pops of nostalgia within a modern style. Influenced by other media formats, such as magazines and television, a vintage-inspired palette projects a sense of familiarity. When you combine a vintage color palette with a modern serif font, it makes a page feel vintage without looking dated.

Visually compelling illustrations 

Illustrations in web design are increasing in popularity because it looks and feels unforced, authentic, and just a little bit whimsical. Animated illustrations are especially effective at grabbing the attention of your audience. Used in the right way, illustrations can walk your audience through the narrative of your website. For example, Noel Heschung uses an interactive illustration to guide their audience through their origin story.

Key takeaways

Getting web design right is vital for the success of businesses in 2020. The eCommerce boom is happening right now, meaning that keeping your website up to date and attractive is essential for ensuring that your customers pick you over competitors.

Keep ahead of the curve by getting your web design right. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries. Many elements of modern design work with each other so you can mix and match to find a style that compliments your business.