Hire an Agency or DIY?

Your website is the virtual first impression many people will see of your business. A professional looking website that functions well and is intuitive to use will convert leads or sales like nobody’s business. However, web design is an intricate balance of design creativeness and technical know-how that many business owners simply don’t have. That’s why cheap drag-and-drop web design platforms like Wix and Squarespace are so appealing to small startups. However, not hiring a professional to create the best website possible for your brand could be costing you big bucks in the long run. 


Why Start-Ups Tend To Use DIY Website Building Services Over Hiring A Professional


When you’re first starting your business and have a small budget, it’s tempting to buy a template or use a drag and drop website platform. These platforms are great for simple websites, landing pages, bios, or other simple uses. However, they are less useful when you want to scale a business, grow mailing lists, sell products, or convert leads. They lack the necessary security features, payment options, and other features you need for growth. You will end up with a lot of add-ons or “plug-ins” to get these features that will slow down the speed of your site. 


So why are they so popular? It’s not just the price tag, but the idea that you can build it yourself and be your own main point of contact for tech support and updates. The templates are also professional and classy looking, so you figure they’ll do in a pinch. Unfortunately, the templates can make your website look the same as your closest competitors. Blending in is not how you succeed online.


3 Ways Hiring An Agency To Design Your Website Can Help Grow Your Business 


There is another option, it might be a little more expensive upfront, but you’ll enjoy fast digital growth and more sales, which will quickly give you a return on your investment. Here are the top three reasons you should bring in a professional web developer.

#1. Hiring An Agency To Design Your Website Actually Saves You Time And Money


When you first see the estimated cost of your new website you might experience a little sticker shock that will have you questioning the logic of this bullet point but let us take a deeper look. If you cobble together your first website on a free website builder, you might think you’re saving a ton of money, but to do things right, you’ll have to invest hours and hours of time learning how to use the system and learning what it takes to design a great website. What if you used those hours to make money selling products or landing new clients? What happens when you have to convert everything over to a new webserver one day when you outgrow your tiny website? Finally, a professional website will help you drive sales and convert leads at a higher rate, making you more money in the long run. 


#2. You Get What You Pay For & Making A Good Impression 


Consumers can now spot a canned web design template from a mile away. They are pretty, but they entirely lack personality or branding. If a customer lands on that site, they will not immediately think of you, and that’s the name of the game in marketing. The website builder might be easy to use, but it will lack many features that a growing business needs. Expansion and scaling will be even harder later if you don’t set up a good foundation. 


#3. Being Search Engine Optimized Will Put You Ahead Of The Competition 


Are you an expert in website SEO? Even if you know what “SEO” means, chances are you don’t know all the ins and outs of how to make it work in your favor. That’s nobody’s fault; SEO is a complex and ever-changing field of knowledge. When you hire a professional web design service you get all of their SEO expertise as well. SEO isn’t just about keywords in blog articles; it also has a lot to do with programming and how the entire website is designed. If you want to make sure your website ranks well on Google and other search engines, you’ll want a professional in your corner.

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