Marketing Your E-Commerce Business During The COVID-19 Pandemic
The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has far-reaching implications for how we operate as a society and has arguably changed the retail industry forever.


Even with states slowly lifting stay at home orders, people surveyed stated they won’t feel completely safe shopping in mega-stores and malls for quite some time. The dial was already being turned in favor of online ordering but now people are more comfortable than ever getting a majority of their products delivered to their door.
This has been both blessing and a wakeup call to many e-commerce businesses who have seen an increase of up to 68% in growth of sales. The demand is increasing but with more and more people offering e-com options, your marketing strategy could determine how much market share you’ll end up keeping.
5 Marketing Strategies For Boosting Online Sales During Social Distancing


#1. Make Sure Your Website Is Fully Functional On Mobile Devices

Online sales generated on a SmartPhone are up 78% of the total, so if you’ve been sleeping on your sales platform being easy to use on mobile devices, now is the time to fix that.
#2. Be More Responsive Than Your Competitors
People are understandably spending more time at home than ever before. That means they are spending a significant amount of time online. If they decide they want to Tweet you at noon on a Saturday and you actually answer, that makes a huge impact on brand loyalty and enthusiasm. Be online when your customers are online, and talk to them.
#3. Content Will Become Even More Important So Start A Blog
Getting your e-commerce website ranked will take a fair amount of SEO and you can do a lot of that by posting relevant and keyword friendly articles on a blog. Adding a blog to your business website is easy and can increase your traffic immensely.
#4. Remove All Friction Points From The Equation
Promoting buying from your online store as a safer method than braving the in-store experience right now is smart, but everyone is doing that. Today’s shoppers aren’t willing to trade their online safety for convenience so you need to remove all doubt by beefing up cybersecurity, protecting payment information, and offering assurances that data is protected.
#5. Increase Social Media Presence
Being stuck at home means people have been on social media a lot more too. People are spending 20% more time on apps and many of them are social media platforms. TikTok is one of the fastest-growing apps and yes, people are spending money on products shown in TikTok ads. So if you haven’t been promoting your merchandise on social media, now is the time. Use social media ads to reach a broader market. Increase engagement with current followers with video, live streaming, and giveaways.
If you use these marketing tactics then there is no reason your e-commerce business won’t grow and be very profitable during and after this pandemic. We are all entering a fast-paced new age for e-commerce and shopping from home options.


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