Our modern, always connected world means businesses need new strategies to reach new customers. While the tactics may be new, the underlying principles of marketing remain the same. Finding, nurturing, and retaining customers is still about relationships. However, how we build relationships in this digital era is very different.

With people spending so much time online, going to where our customers are means taking advantage of what the internet offers. People now find answers to their most pressing questions online. If we can answer their questions and establish our business as an expert in our field, we can build relationships and establish trust.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the practice of engaging people online by offering them information that they will find useful. It can come in the form of blogs, podcasts, tools, apps, and more. The content offered is usually related to the product or service your business offers. By providing this content at no charge, you build name recognition, build trust in your business or brand, and potentially establish a relationship with a possible customer.

Imagine you are thinking of buying a new item and you begin researching online. Through your searching, you find an excellent, well-researched article on a vendor’s website about the item and all the things you need to think about when purchasing. Then, you look around the rest of the website and you find more information that demonstrates to you that this business understands the product and has a lot of expertise in the field. If they sell the product you are considering and offer it for a fair price, aren’t you more likely to purchase it from this business?

Starting a Blog

There are multiple ways to offer content that will connect you with potential customers but one of the most effective platforms is a blog. It is also one of the easiest ways to share content and requires no special technical skills. A blog can include articles that help educate customers, offer tips and insights into using your product or service, or answer common questions. Anything related to your products that provides value.

Finding Your Niche

The most challenging part of starting a blog is getting started. Authors tend to have too many ideas or not enough. The best place to start is by finding your niche. Consider your business and think about areas where you excel. What are some things about your product or service that you know better than anyone else? If you are new to digital marketing, think about it on a more personal level. What is it that you know and understand that people seek you out for guidance or information? If you have a physical location, what do people come in to ask you or your staff about? If you are an online business, what do customers typically inquire about when they call or email? For what topics are you an expert? Start there. Finding your niche will not only help you develop writing ideas, but it will also help you target your content to reach the right customers.

Developing a Content Pipeline and Calendar

Consistency is one of the most important aspects of high-quality content marketing. To succeed you will need to post on a regular basis to keep your content fresh and to continue to expand your reputation as an expert in the field. Whether you are posting once a month, once a week, or even once a day, avoid significant gaps by planning ahead. It is tempting to write your first piece, post it and get to the next one when you are inspired. However, the day to day running of your business may mean it’s a long time before inspiration strikes. Instead, plan ahead. Once you understand your niche, begin writing down possible topics and create a calendar of when you might post them. You may see that some types of content are better for certain times of the year. Or, you might notice a theme and decide to post a series of articles on the same topic. The idea is to have a pipeline of possible posts that can be written and a calendar of when you plan to write and post them. As that pipeline begins to dry up, spend some more time brainstorming possible topics.
Make it Great!

High-quality content will not only impress your potential customers, but it will also make you easier to find online. Search engines are programmed to prioritize informative, unique and well-structured content. If you provide that type of content, you are more likely to show up higher when people search for topics related to what you offer.

Get Help

We realize that the idea of starting a blog and writing content can seem overwhelming. That’s why we are here to help. Our Search Engine Optimization services will not only help you create content, we will also help you ensure people will find it when they go looking.