In today’s day and age, our businesses are more digital than ever before. If we look at any field be it healthcare, manufacturing, retail, law, or some other industry, we are all in some way connected to the internet. Almost every business has computer systems connected to the internet with essential data on them. We use these computer systems to browse websites, download files, email customers and more.

Firewalls protect these critical systems against malware, viruses and any kind of online action which can easily harm one’s business such as hacking. Getting a firewall is like getting a vaccine, it is prevention against any potential harm that can occur in the future. A business can face a lot of loss if it is not careful with such measures in terms of consumers and the overall essential data which is held. Be it email, search, social media or cloud storage, every business is connected to the internet in some way. In today’s time, it is a necessity to have an online presence for a lot of purposes otherwise your business will not benefit as much as other businesses do. So with power comes great responsibility and everything has its pros and cons. An online existence has an abundant amount of benefits due to which you must prevent the cons linked to it which are already mentioned.

Coming to the topic of why a business needs a firewall, well there a lot of reasons behind it. One of the reasons is that it is almost impossible to take immediate action if your business is attacked by a hacker or an external source. So firewall is your first line of defense for this. Even if you are a little late in taking action towards such harm, a firewall will prevent you against maximum damage. Firewall is like a shield which will basically protect the internal business against the other internet. It will act as a barrier and block out such sort of harm and external interference. For instance, if you do not have a firewall, you will be under the threat of external users to access your internal business assets. This itself is a pretty crucial thing so measures must be taken. Many businesses, on the other hand, prefer to use NAT which is basically Network Address Translation to build a bridge between the IP Addresses and the external internet but what is important to note here is that NAT is not a source which blocks out incoming traffic. This is only achieved by a firewall and without one your business assets and internal information are under a huge threat constantly.

We already know that Firewall protects your network from being accessed by external users but in addition to that, Firewall also stops users from accessing any specific external websites. This means that you can block out social media sites and other websites by setting up a policy. This comes in very handy because it narrows down your options for you and is also very convenient. Moreover, the firewall can also protect your business from malicious code. Malicious code is basically any kind of code which is in any part of software or script which is intended to harm or cause undesired effects to breach security or damage the software. Some of the very strong firewalls are of even more useful as they inspect the traffic which is going in and out of the business’s network. This offers additional security and even more prevention from any potential threat. This process helps in looking out for bugs, viruses, worms, spams and any internet traffic which is unwanted. This basically also helps in inspecting any suspicious activities going on and also looks out for any unauthorized intrusions. These will also keep a log of any attempts of intrusions or if there have been any violations to business policies. Good firewalls will also provide you with a list of known malicious applications with which you can stay aware and will also block out such applications and keep the good ones.

Another amazing thing about firewalls is that it not only provides you with security but also measures bandwidth for you with is basically the amount of data which can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time. So you can also use firewalls to actually limit or meter the amount of data that is transmitted and is going through it. This will be useful for you to preserve data for more important business activities by blocking out all the non-business ones such as music, videos or images.

A lot of firewalls also provide you with the privilege of site-to-site connectivity through the use of VPN services. By this, you get the benefit of users from remote sites or mobile device users to easily access your internal network resources. This further benefits you in a lot of ways by showing improvement in many things such as collaboration, productivity, and data sharing enhancements.

So as we can see, there is not one single benefit of having a firewall for your business. There are a number or aids which it provides you with. Judging by the potential harm your business network foresees, having a firewall is very essential. Instead of recovering damage which is already made why not prevent it? Recovery can take a lot of time and a lot of money as well. It is indeed nerve-wracking to lose your entire data or get your security violated by neglecting necessary measures that must be taken. Always keep in mind that the internet and software systems carry both positive and negative power. It can conveniently make your business flourish and at the same time very easily ruin it as well. These reasons further prove that a firewall is something very useful and will ease the burden of your shoulders greatly.