How to Extract ZIP files in Windows 10
Step 1

Right Click on the .zip folder and then Left Click on Extract All…






Step 2

Optional: Choose a location to extract the folder by left-clicking the Browse… button.

Left Click on the Extract button and wait for the progress bar to complete. If “Show extracted files when complete” is checked the folder you selected will automatically show on your screen when the files are finished extracting.

Step 3

Done! Enjoy your files.


Web Design Trends that will make you stand out

2020 has already been such an unusual year. One of the most important lessons to learn before it’s too late is that 2020 is the year of the eCommerce boom. A lot of businesses are being forced to go online due to the pandemic. As the virus progresses, the way business has traditionally operated is changing.

The eCommerce boom means that it is imperative right now that your business is standing out above your competitors. Making sure your website is up to date, and attractive is vital. With that in mind, let’s talk through some of the web design trends that will make your business stand out in 2020.

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Create effective Facebook ads

Being smart to deploy the best advertising practices on any platform puts you in a better position to make massive sales. However, it can also be a heck, especially when trying to establish your brand on Facebook. Perhaps you have tried a couple of times and failed. Well, all is not lost. Read along this piece to master some key practices that can get you to the top.

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Reach new customers with a blog

Our modern, always connected world means businesses need new strategies to reach new customers. While the tactics may be new, the underlying principles of marketing remain the same. Finding, nurturing, and retaining customers is still about relationships. However, how we build relationships in this digital era is very different.

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What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential part of your strategy to reach new people and generate more business online. To truly understand SEO, we need to see how it is part of an overall strategy of creating and positioning yourself or your company as someone or something that offers value to those searching for what they need.

If you are trying to build your business, brand, or reputation online, it is essential that people are able to find you online. Consumers find what they are looking for online by using search engines. If they can’t find you, they may find one of your competitors.

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